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Principal Investigator

Michiko Sakaki

Associate Professor
School of Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences
University of Reading
Honorary Research Fellow, Kochi University of Technology

Current Grants (selected)
Marie Curie Career Integration Grant, European Commission
British Academy & Leverhulme Trust Small Research Grant

Lab Members

Nilgun Turkileri Inseloz
I’m interested in the interaction between emotion and cognition and more specifically how emotion affects memory and attention. Both negative and positive emotions have an important role in people’s attention, perception as well as memory. My research concerns how our attention is affected by our memory and emotional arousal. I use behavioural, physiological and brain-imaging techniques to lead us an insightful understanding of the associations among emotion, attention, and memory.
Jasmine Raw
My main area of interest is how our emotions and our mood can affect our cognitive abilities, especially in psychopathological disorders such as PTSD and depression. I am particularly interested in the effect that positive and negative mood and high and low arousal have on our memory. My current MSc project is investigating the effects of arousal on participants’ memory for high and low priority items.
Ifeoma Egbuniwe
I am interested in the effects of emotions on cognition particularly the influence of mood on memory. Any given mood state appears to have an influence on cognitive processing. Mood affects memory, what we think and remember matches our mood state (mood congruity). My research will focus on emotion regulation in adolescence and adulthood as well as how mood states affect memory processes using behavioural, physiological and neuroimaging methods to provide insight into link between emotion, mood and memory in adolescence and adulthood.
Alice Rorke
I am interested in learning how behavioural, psychophysiological, and neuroimaging techniques can be used to investigate the interaction between emotion and cognitive processes across a range of different research projects. These methods include: fMRI, hormone measurements, heart rate, eye tracking, and skin conductance reactions. As a placement student I am involved in participant recruitment, data collection, and data analysis including analysing neuroimaging data.